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Redigeret af Per Krogh Hansen

kr. 68,00   

280 sider, Pdf-fil.

Judging from the developments that narrative studies have undertaken in recent times, one might get the idea that everything is narrative; if not as full-blown stories, then at least potentially in the form of ‘narrativity’ – that is, possessing the ability to evoke a narrative script in the mind of the recipient. But if so, can we then still distinguish the non-narrative from the narrative? And what are we, as

narratologists, to do with ‘borderline cases’:texts which only scarcely can be considered narrative. These questions serves as guiding lines for the studies collected in this volume.

This book is vol. 3 of the series 'Writings from the Center for Narratological Studies, University of Southern Denmark.'

Link to contents and summaries of the contributions in Borderliners