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»Prolegomena: On Film Musicals and Narrative«

Per Krogh Hansen

Artiklen er på 16 sider og findes
i Borderliners.

The musical seems to be built on two incommensurable strategies, insofar as it on the one hand wants to tell a story with syntagmatic progression, and on the other wants to break up the same progression in favour of a more ‘lyrical’ mode of expression. But this is not the only paradox of the musical genre. Also the fact that the musical most often sets its story in a realistic framework, whereby the ability to break out in spontaneous dancing and singing to some extent

seems an impossibility, is worth considering. Hansen identifies these two paradoxes as the musical’s double integrative task and explores some of the strategies the genre has been following to cope with it. Hansen ends his article by showing that the models he suggests to describe the strategies of the genre can be developed to conceptualize sub genre distinctions and historical changes within the framework of the genre.