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»Narrative strukturer i barokoperaer«

Henrik Jørgensen

Artiklen er på 22 sider og findes
i Borderliners.

The title of this article in Danish should be translated »Narrative Structures in Baroque Operas«

The article treats the narrative structures of the important, yet not well-known opera by Marin Marais and Antoine Houdar(t) de la Motte, »Alcione«. In the analysis emphasis is laid on the blocking of the action in the structure of actants: the Gods are obviously licensing the attempts of the main characters Alcione

and Ceix to marry, yet they are evidently also trying to interrupt their desire. The conclusion is achieved through the advent of Neptune, who shows pity on the deceased couple and gives them eternal life as storm birds, having the magic capacity of calming the seas. In this way the text moves on to an allegorical reading, where the control of life and death and of the raging seas is exercised by the Sun King Louis XIV.