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»Paradoxernas konst: Tankar om lyriska romaner«

Pär-Yngve Andersson

Artiklen er på 16 sider og findes
i Borderliners.

The title of this article in Swedish should be translated »The Art of Paradoxes: Thoughts on Lyrical Novels«

Andersson introduces his study with a general discussion of how to understand the concept of the ‘lyrical’ by calling attention to e.g. the formalistic approaches of Roman Jakobson and Sjklovskij. But we also need to ask why

an author uses a lyrical expression and to consider the lyrical parts of novels as much more than just ornamental – seeking the function in the context of the entire text. In this perspective Andersson examines novels of Bruno Schulz, Hermann Broch and the Swedish writers Sven Rosendahl and Anna-Lena Elgström.