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»Fabula og sjuzhet i humanvidenskabernes diskurs«

Jon Helt Haarder

Artiklen er på 12 sider og findes
i Borderliners.

The title of this article in Danish should be translated »Fabula and Sjuzhet in the Discourse of the Humanities«.

From Jonathan Culler’s classic essay »Story and Discourse in the Analysis of Narrative«, Haarder borrows the idea that any narrative involves two logics, one where fabula causes sjuzhet and one

where it is the other way around. Contrary to Culler, Haarder claims that this is no aporia, but rather a complex relation between narrative as a product of meaning and narrative as production of meaning. This calls for a combination of the structuralist and the pragmatic approaches, a call which Haarder finds clearly audible in contemporary culture.