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Per Krogh Hansen

Artiklen er på 8 sider og findes
i Borderliners.

The articles fall roughly into three groups. In the first group, »Theorizing the Borders of Narrative«, theoretical issues are raised and discussed concerning general categorization, the relation between narrative and performativity, and learning, memory and autobiographical narrative. In the second group, »Narrative, the Lyrical and the Poetical«, focus is brought upon the intricate relation between narrative and the ‘non-narrative’ structures of the lyrical and the poetical. In the third group,

»Narrative vs. the Non-narrative: Genre Studies«, attention is paid to how narrative functions in genres which to a certain extent resist or at least compromise narrative – the sermon, the drama, the baroque opera and the film musical.

The book is bilingual, but the introduction gives a thorough presentation of the contributions in Scandinavian languages.